w_hole (2014-present)

I started this project as an experiment to see if I could shift my iPhone usage to primarily creation instead of consumption (social media, news, games). I take straight-on photos of circles and post them in black and white on my Instagram account w_hole. Conceptually I’m playing with the idea of absence and presence, while also writing a pun-based title for each photo.

To date I’ve collected over 400 images (and hopefully used significantly less social media).

Layer 5.jpg
Layer 20.jpg
Layer 3.jpg
Layer 16.jpg
Layer 8.jpg
Layer 17.jpg
Layer 13.jpg
Layer 18.jpg
Layer 4.jpg
Layer 12.jpg
Layer 23.jpg
Layer 1.jpg
Layer 2.jpg
Layer 6.jpg
Layer 19.jpg
Layer 9.jpg
Layer 21.jpg
Layer 15.jpg
Layer 14.jpg
Layer 11.jpg
Layer 10.jpg
Layer 7.jpg
Layer 22.jpg