Comics & Zines

These are three self-published zines, available at my online store, Apotheosis Comics in St. Louis, or the occasional comic convention.

This is a collection of short strips themed mainly around politics, religion, and the human condition. It concludes with the short story “Bare Fruit”; a retelling of man’s fall from paradise as told by the forbidden fruit.

Human Sermon

This is a religious-themed collaboration that includes an assortment of my Birds Without Branches digital collages paired with poems by Stacie Spaunhorst.

How I Go To Church

This is a collection of my earliest strips, doodles, and diary comics from 2015-2016. The subject matter varies wildly from race, to puns, to loneliness.

No One Gets What They Want Anytime Ever

This comic book (not available publicly) is an improvised adventure story featuring my five daughters as the protagonists. Inspired by a years-long series of bedtime stories, the Light Sword Sisters, armed only with dollar-store glow sticks that became light swords, encounter larger-than-life creatures and save each other at every turn.

The Light Sword Sisters

I began experimenting with comics in 2015 as a way to reconnect with the pleasure I got from drawing when I was kid. Like my other works, they were a great medium for getting to be both serious and silly. In keeping with the spirit of child-like experimentation and play, I’ve dabbled in a variety of styles; from simple pen and ink, to watercolor, to digital.

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